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A day at the factory pre-launch

Just returned from my first visit to the factory producing my shirt dresses on the West side of the Pearl River Delta.

A fascinating day spent with lovely people – the team that is working so hard to meet my painfully exacting demands are all a pleasure to be with. It’s a small family run factory and they’ve all been working together for more than 10 years – a close-knit and friendly team.

The factory is, of course, a hive of activity and it was of paramount importance to me to see with my own eyes that it is NOTHING like the sweat-shops you read such terrible reports about. It’s not.

Today’s visit was primarily to do a Quality Control inspection and the dresses I measured, pulled and eye-balled all passed my tests with flying colours. Wonderful workmanship, consistent stitching, clean buttonholes, whip-knot finish buttons and beautiful French seams. I was impressed by everything I saw.

Concrete launch date coming soon!

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